Political Identity on the Threshold

September 10-11, 2018

Political Identity on the Threshold


Keynote: Richard Bellamy (UCL; European University Institute)

10 – 11 September 2018

Venue: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – FCSH) / I&D Building, Room Multiusos 3, 4th floor

Organiser: Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA) / Ethics and Political Philosophy Lab (EPLAB)

Website: https://politicalidentityonthethreshold.wordpress.com




10 September


9:15 – Welcome

9:30 – Panel: Personal vs collective identity

9:30 – Eldar Sarajlic (City University of New York): What is an Authentic Identity?

10:00 – Hili Razinsky (University of Lisbon): Ambivalent Interactive Political Identities and Grouping.

10:30 – Kristina Khutsishvili (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna): Bringing Together Political and Personal Identities: Links of Narrative and Imagination.


11:30 – Panel: The status of immigrants and refugees

11:30 – Alzbeta Hajkova (Purdue University): Refugees and The Human Condition: Reentering Plurality Versus Reentering Society.

12:00 – Paul Neiman (St. Cloud State University): Community Identity and Immigration: A New Communitarian Approach.


14:30 – Panel: Populism and epistemic labour

14:30 – Maxime Chervaux (University Paris 8-Vincennes): Populism and identity-making in the United States.

15:00 – Yuval Eylon (Open University of Israel): Identity and the Political Division of Epistemic Labor.


16:00 – Panel: State, constitution and political identity

16:00 – Perica Jovchevski (Central European University): Transforming Political Identities: From Constitutional Patriotism to Post-Patriotism

16:30 – Ben Van de Wall (KU Leuven): The Paradoxical Relation Between State Neutrality and Political Identity



11 September


10:30 – Keynote Speaker

10:30 – Richard Bellamy (UCL/EUI): EU citizenship – Supra-national, Trans-national or Inter-national?


11:45 – Panel: Identitarian secessionism and fluidity

11:45 – Dmitry Shlapentokh (Indiana University): The Fluidity of National Identities: the Case of Post-Soviet Russia.

12:15 – Hsin-Wen Lee (University of Delaware): Cultural Nationalism—A Survey of Four Strategies.


14:30 – Panel: Liberalism and the challenge of identity

14:30 – Anthony Gambrell (University of Otago): Nationhood in Locke’s Original Compact, Rebutted.

15:00 – Paula Zoido-Oses (Warwick University): Beyond Irony: Using Hermeneutics to Make Sense of Rorty’s Liberal Project in the Age of Value-Pluralism.

15:30 – Deven Burks (Université du Luxembourg): Rawls, Theorist of Standpoints and Identities? Assessing the Strong and Weak Cases For.


16:30 – Panel: Spaces of identity

16:30 – Mosè Cometta (Université de Lausanne): Bringing Space Into Account.

17:00 – Eva-Maria Aigner (University of Vienna): Crossing the Threshold. Border-Identities.

17:45 – Closure

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