Ethics and Meta-Ethics Reading Group

April 19 - July 26, 2017

The sessions will take place at the ID Building and are open to the participation of all IFILNOVA researchers. 


Schedule for the 2017 sessions: 

- 19 April | 11h (Room ID 1.05)

 Prof. António Marques will discuss John Rawls' "Political Constructivism".


-3 May | 11h (Room ID 1.05)

Jamie Buckland: John McDowell’s ‘Values and Secondary Qualities’.


- 17 May | 11 h (Room ID 1.05)

André Santos Campos: "Truth in Morals and External Skepticism", R. Dworkin


- 31 May | 11h (Room ID 1.05)

Fritz-Anton Fritzson: "The Right and the Good", Judith Jarvis Thomson.  


- 14 June

 Regina Queiroz:  "Kant's categorical imperative in Law, Legislation and Liberty", F.Hayek


- 28 June

 Susana Cadilha: "Reflections on the Evolution of Morality", C. Korsgaard


- 12 July

 Erich Rast: "The possibility of parity", Ruth Chang

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